Distribution of leaflets

Ways of distributing leaflets very much, you just need to choose the most appropriate.

Typically, the distribution of leaflets to be made in the most crowded places such as subway, at the door of supermarkets and large stores in busy areas and markets in parking lots and on the streets. If the leaflets are aimed at a specific age group, their distribution should be carried out in places where the target audience (eg, close to the universities and other educational institutions, if the clients are students).

Distribution and dissemination of leaflets (advertisements) in supermarkets, shopping malls

One possible way of handing out leaflets is their distribution near shopping centers and hypermarkets. No harm will be handing out flyers at the door of their own store. Very often, people pass by and do not go into it without thinking that there might be something useful for them.

Promoters handed out leaflets to people who are close to the store. Thus, the person who received the flyer, going in the direction of the store (shopping center), reading a leaflet, if the information contained in it, will interest him, he decides to look into this store, because he still passes.

The only disadvantage of this method of distribution are the weather conditions (the same applies to the distribution of leaflets in other places of city streets). If it’s cold outside and the rain, people hurry about their business and do not want to stay near the distributors, no leaflets in such moments they are not interested.
Distribution and distribution of leaflets in transport and at bus stops (in trains, buses, trolley buses, at bus stations, etc.).

    Statistics show that most people spend on public transport about half an hour a day, and sometimes more. Often at this time people do not have enough interesting information, so they subconsciously start to consider and read all the ads that are in transport or that they handed promoter.

Also a lot of time is spent waiting for the necessary transport at bus stops and train stations, and in this case it is useful to offer his pass watching leaflet.

A positive aspect of this type of advertising is that it is practically not subject to weathering influences.

Distribution and distribution of leaflets on the streets

Features of distribution of flyers on the streets is the focus of this type of advertising to the exact audience that you need. For example, you can hand out leaflets only men or only women, young or elderly people, etc. You can distribute flyers in those parts of the city, in which advertising can be most effective. Thus, you can get only those customers that you need and which are likely to be interested in your product or service.

The layout of ads under the windshield wipers of cars.

The layout of announcements made, or at the large parking lots in the center or on the parking lots of supermarkets and shopping centers.


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Five rules of the leaflet

No substantial changes in the structure of flyers have all chances to make more consistent with the reaction at the time of dissemination of leaflets in not a large number of times. Although in this case there are this kind of folks who just easier to throw than the spread. Here’s to your published leaflets were effective, we offer you five essential tips that are obliged to adhere to the productive leaflet.

1. On the main side of the leaflets should set out the essence of this promotional offer, for example, it can be clothes, if it is a clothing store or products delivered to your door and more. Also plays an important role in this leaflet font. It is essential that the consumer from afar, could look at the essence of the leaflets and decide for yourself whether you want to take it? If the consumer does not see this information, it does not react to a flyer and just pass by.

Location of such basic phrases does not matter, because in the near her examination she read on the contrary, that is, from top to bottom, and it is clear that from the largest (the one that is visible in all) of the text to the very small ones. But to use this “trick” is so often not worth it.

2. There must be on the promotional materials of enormous size, high stakes, and others. This kind of “attractive” to be, to be very interesting and attract the attention of consumers, because it does not interest the leaflet, even those who are interested in the very essence of this leaflet. For them, the less used font, and thus more significant than other content. Before you rent that Party Bus NJ visit our website for a free quote.

3. The content of this flyer should be and look utverzhdayusche. In other words, proposals must be no more than six words that anyone can understand, even those who were eating – eating reads. There should not be any kind of negatives that – or, some positive points that the perceived very positively.

After all, it goes without saying that a man passing by, always busy with his own thoughts, and is not going to understand the meaning set forth “volumes” on leaflet. That’s why it is necessary to express the essence of the handbill, the simpler, the more likely that it will accept a potential customer.

It is not necessary to write in the leaflet that – or where there is a piece of “no”, because man has learned to accept everything, as is, that is straightforward. Something that reads, then is. Here’s a great example: “these machines do not break”, “we will not deceive you,” “us problems you will not.” Here, for example, you are making this offer is no longer believe? Or take for example, this kind of masterpiece of modern advertising, “while using the Head-n-sholders dandruff appears you have, for example, out of the blue.” In principle, all definitely clear that reklamoizdateli wanted to say, and said! Here’s another good prmer, stupid reklamoizdateley who do not enjoy this golden rule and ignore it. Printed on the leaflet client “just remember …”, the result is, I think, it is not necessary to write.

4. The handbill should be relatively large, but the content on it is bound to be great. In principle, it is clear, the smaller the leaflet, the greater the likelihood that it will keep much longer than a huge poster, which is not much to define. The ideal size of a leaflet card. Because it and store easily in a purse and place for this kind of “vizitochki” is always there. The largest size that is valid for flyer – a quarter of the A4 sheet.

Clear, the fact to make a flyer smaller, reduce the font on this leaflet. But, think about the consumer’s opinion on this matter, maybe someone – you are visually impaired or, for example, as the leaflet read in a moving vehicle or even on the move. Some of the potential consumers, just physically can not read the contents of this leaflet. It is also important to remember 0020to leaflet – it is not art!

5. flyer should have its own value. In other words, in the most leaflet must be some reason that will make leave a flyer at home, and do not throw it away after the first turn. To achieve this result, simply rename the leaflet, for example, at a discount coupon or flyer to present as a coupon for a tasting.
And in that case, if you want to submit to your flyer or something interesting you just need to imagine that you are the one of the consumers, and that you, it is you would like to see in this leaflet.

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How to take the most from flyers?

Flyers – one of the most common ways to convey information to buyers and consumers, each of us gets them near the metro and the market in your mailbox and near the entrance doors. The popularity of this method of communication with the customer is due to one simple reason – the low price.

But many refuse to distribute flyers, evaluating their efficiency is quite low from 0.1 to 0.5%. In addition, the recent mega popular leaflets caused the opposite effect – the people receiving the same type of information daily pay less attention to it.

But do not underestimate the distribution of leaflets, with which you can familiarize customers with the new product, inform the actions of the company, to invite to the event. Flyers – cheap way to talk about the company or to increase sales. But stereotypes hinder be smart marketers and apply their knowledge. With a little imagination and a professional approach will create a high quality advertising campaign. The basis of a successful outcome – is regarded as any act or part of the system. And so, in this case there are three important stage of the advertising campaign

Firstly, it is necessary to form which requires distribution of leaflets, some of the indicators of the company going to improve. Second, it should clearly define their target audience. After its designation should start with the third stage.

Do not mean that it is necessary to start distributing leaflets nonexistent. First the size distribution and the distribution of seats, it will determine how much will be “live” leaflet. It is necessary to conduct a small observation at the proposed site and analyze their distribution. For example, if the distribution is to be output from the underground “life” of the leaflets will be less than 30 seconds, and the attention of potential customers it is the size of one eye. If it will spread to mailboxes or, for example, the distribution of the drivers at the crossroads, the leaflet “live longer.” Most likely, it will pay attention, “when there is a free moment,” and will be able to explore it a little longer and better.

Only after the formation of goals, target audience, and the definition of “lifetime” leaflets can transgress to step number 2 on the list.

At this stage, there are two main points: the size of leaflets and its contents. With regard to the size of leaflets can be approached outside the box and twist of her boats, airplanes or something else, but this process would increase the cost of the campaign.

If you dwell on the standard size, you need to be repelled from the place of distribution. Evroflaer perfect to hand out near bus stops or subway, and A4 – mailboxes. In the first case, the person will be convenient to pick up a leaflet and in the second – to find and pay attention to a lot of letters and newspapers. Thinking size, is based on the maximum comfort of the client, so it was convenient to take a flyer and had no desire to throw it more. And in this case, the major role played by the content of the leaflets.

The most reliable method to ensure that a potential client retained advertising, write about a discount on the product, which is available only if the flyer.

“Buttons” – phrases, words, numbers that attract, catch attention, interested customers to place necessary in the upper left corner. Especially in small formats leaflets need to motivate the customer to encourage him to use other sources to learn more about promotional offers. In such situations, the contact information of the company will be integrated and released.

Returning to the third stage, it should be noted, there is always a difficult task. In the case of distribution of leaflets, such is the choice of personnel or organizations that will distribute advertising. It is especially difficult to control the distribution of foreign cities. In such situations, it is best to seek the help of proven organizations that value their reputation, and do not in any way voice has no control. Also can serve as access to an organization that will take over the control functions.